Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mission Resources for Children

Don't forget about our Mission Focus for this year!  Siloam Childrens Center in Indonesia

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Don't have Microsoft Publisher?  Download a pdf copy of the above item.
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Don't have Microsoft Publisher?  Download a pdf copy of the above item.

Other Resources for children are. . . 

Kidz of Courage (VBS program by Voice of the Matryrs)

15- to 20-minute lesson plans available for free as PDF documents. Each features a learning activity, lesson, a challenge that encourages children to become involved in missions and a parent letter. An easy, exciting, and effective strategy,developed by the North American Mission Board for Southern Baptists.  Ideas can be easily adapted to Nazarene  Missions.

Nazarene regional websites:  Africa, Asia/Pacific, Eurasia, MesoAmerica, South America

Contact Debbie Boquist of Bedford Church of the Nazarene for questions or even more ideas.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Missionary Health Care is . . .

The cost of keeping missionaries healthy so they can do their jobs is quite high, and the cost continues to rise. To help defray those costs, the Nazarene Missions International developed the NMI Missionary Health Care.

Missionary Health Care helps pay for the medical expenses of Nazarene missionaries. It accounts for about 25% of the total medical expenses (approximately $500,000). Hopefully, with increased awareness of and participation in the Missionary Health Care, that amount will increase.

Missionary Health Care is . . . 

The Memorial Roll, established in 1919, is a way to honor deceased friends and loved ones. A certificate is issued in the name of the person memorialized and is often presented to a family member or displayed in the church. Churches or individuals may place as many names on the Memorial Roll as they desire, and those memorialized need not be members of the church.

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The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a tribute to church people who are living and for their service to the church. Although the DSA is given through NMI, it need not be given in the area of missions. A church may wish to honor anyone in the church for their efforts. Note: The DSA may only be given by a church or a group within the church. Individuals may not give this award.

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Gifts from the Heart (GFTH) is a facet of the NMI Missionary Health Care designed to make giving to the NMI Missionary Health Care easy. "In Memory" and "In Honor" cards can be picked up at the GFTH display rack in your local church. Available in both English and Spanish, these attractive cards are a great way to show someone you care while helping Nazarene missionaries at the same time. (Display racks are also available in Spanish.) 

The Children's Memorial Roll (MR) is intended to honor deceased children up to age 18. It is designed to be displayed in a nursery, living room, or hallway. The Childrens MR certificate features bright colors and depicts children of diverse ages and ethnicities in the arms of Jesus.

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Needs ideas on how to promote Missionary Health Care in your church? Click here