Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nazarene World Week of Prayer : Mesoamerica

1. Please pray for the Mesoamerica Nazarene Youth Congress to be held in Panama City, Panama, July 17-22, 2012. Pray for participants’ travel safety and for visas to be granted. Pray that the 800 youth participants to have a powerful impact on Panama. Pray for God’s Spirit to be poured out on each participant, and that participants would commit to evangelism, discipleship, and developing as leaders.

2. The Church of the Nazarene continues to expand rapidly across the Mesoamerica Region. Please pray as new believers are discipled in the basics of the faith and are incorporated into churches. Pray as they disciple established believers to spiritual maturity and as they train believers to make Christlike disciples.

3. Please pray that God would inspire, encourage, equip, challenge, motivate, and mobilize leaders through discipleship training events taking place across the region in the coming year.

4. Pray for God to help Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International leaders to lead in creative and effective ways that result in transformed lives, equipped and mobilized for a lifetime of service to Christ.

5. Pray for the young people of the English Field who are obeying God’s call to become missionaries.

6. Pray for a group of people who are planning to travel to the Ukraine this year that they will acquire needed finances.

7. Pray for the NMI Congresses in the Region this year:

• Mexico Central-South Field in Juchitan, Oaxaca, Mexico, in March 2012
• CA4 Field in Guatemala City in May 2012
• Central Field in Cuba in May 2012
• Mexico North in Tijuana in June 2012

Pray for the leaders and participants and that the Holy Spirit will fill their hearts and would help them commit to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

8. Ask God to supply translators for Literature Ministries on the Mesoamerica Region. Translators are needed for Creole, French, and English languages to translate all the Region’s resources. Pray also that funding will be available to print the resources.

9. Pray for security of our leaders, especially in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

10. Pray that district superintendents, pastors, and ministry leaders (local, district, field, and regional) are intentionally involved in the Region’s plans and purposes.

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Thank you for taking these to the throne room of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nazarene World Week of Prayer : Eurasia

  1. Thank the Lord for the thousands who have accepted Christ as their Savior on the Eurasia Region this year. Pray that their faith will continue growing, that the local Nazarene Church will embrace them and will encourage them, and that they would be channels of God’s message of salvation to everyone they meet.

  1. Prayer is requested for the churches and school in Syria. The violence has moved very close to those locations.

  1. Please continue to pray that young people across the Central Europe Field would respond to the call of God to serve in full-time ministry.

  1. There is high unemployment in Armenia. Please pray for those seeking work and  those who minister to them.

  1. Pray for Nazarene Theological College in Manchester, England, as a new principal is selected following the retirement of Dr. David McCulloch.

  1. Please pray for leaders on the Eurasia Region and their families: pastors, district superintendents, missionaries, ministry and field strategy coordinators, and the regional director. Pray that they will convey the Spirit-filled life through teaching and as role models, encouraging others to follow the Lord wherever He leads.

  1. Pray for the Eastern Mediterranean Nazarene Bible College and its focus to train pastors and leaders. Pray as an Arabic-speaking president is sought for the college.

  1. Pray for European Nazarene College’s network of learning centers as the college moves into a totally decentralized delivery of its Course of Study in 15 nations.

  1. Please pray for the youth and children on the India Field as ministries are strategically designed to reach the church of today and tomorrow.

  1. Please pray for God’s will to be done within the CIS Field where legal changes may hamper religious freedom and the missionaries’ activities. Praise the Lord that the official registration for the Church of the Nazarene in south-central Russia is complete.

  1. Thank you for praying last year for a communication ministry in India. After much hard work and prayer, the ministry will soon be initiated. Please continue to pray for this development and how God will use it to glorify himself.

  1. Please pray for safety and protection for ministry leaders in Nepal and India, as well as for a continued outpouring of the Spirit and God’s blessing for His glory on His church in these nations.

  1. Please pray that every NMI ministry in Eurasia would be led by the Holy Spirit to encourage their church to have an active heart for missions—in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

  1. There is a developing and growing literature ministry in the Eastern Mediterranean Field. Pray that the Nazarene publications would be distributed widely and especially be a blessing in countries where there is unrest, turmoil, and persecution.

  1. Thank you for praying for the India Nazarene Youth Congress (NYC) in May 2011. The Lord blessed the event and the attendees. Please pray for the Eurasia NYC, July 31–August 4, in Chennai, India. Pray for God’s direction, for the preparation team, and that details would be clarified. Also pray for travel safety and that participants will raise the finances needed.

  1. Pray for a new regional Work & Witness coordinator and a new automated system for Alabaster needs.

  1. Please pray for a new movement and fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit among people in Europe.

  1. Praise the Lord and pray for the new works in the country of Moldova.

  1. Pray for the South Asia Nazarene Bible College (SANBC) graduates and newly ordained ministers of the church, that they continue to serve the Lord through the church in South Asia for His glory and for the extension of His kingdom. Pray for SANBC as it prepares more and better pastors for India and South Asia.

  1. Please pray for the three district superintendents in Bangladesh. Please remember to pray for protection from persecution of the church in Bangladesh.

  1. Please pray for Atul Meshramkar as he leads Reynolds Memorial Hospital (RMH) in Washim, India, selects quality personnel, and prepares for the 75th anniversary of RMH in October 2012. Pray also for the students and lecturers of the Nazarene Nurses Training College in Washim.

  1. Please pray that the literature ministry in South Asia will grow. Pray for more gifted translators, editors, and proofreaders, and that more materials, especially for the education of students and pastors, could be developed.

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Thank you for taking these to the throne room of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Nazarene World Week of Prayer : Asia Pacific

1. Nazarene Theological College (NTC) in Australia is strategic to equip and develop leaders for the church in Australia and New Zealand. Pray for increased student enrollment, staffing needs, faculty development, satellite/video extension centers, and financial strength.

2. Pray for the developing GAP year program at NTC. GAP year is the year after high school in which students are encouraged to investigate future avenues of education, growth, and ministry.

3. Pray for leadership development and for the third field conference that will focus on cross-cultural ministry and organic church planting. District leaders will gather to build on their strengths and to reinforce the team aspect of their work.

4. In a country on the Asia-Pacific Region, social unrest has led to violence against Christians. Please pray for believers’ safety in the affected areas, that the violence will stop, and that peace will be restored. Pray that believers will exhibit the love of God to their persecutors.

5. Pray for the safety of teachers and students in training schools on the Chinese Ministries Field.

6. Pray for revival and church planting movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

7. Pray for retired Nazarene pastors on the Japan District who are in deteriorating health.

8. Pray for the leadership, faculty, and students of Korea Nazarene University.

9. Pray that Korean Nazarenes would be effective in making Christlike disciples in their communities.

10. Pray for the Melanesia Nazarene Teachers College as God moves the college into its next phase of development under the leadership of the PNG National Board.

11. Pray for the ongoing process for accreditation at the Indonesia Nazarene Theological College.

12. Pray for the new Java-Bali District Superintendent Yohanes Winoto as he learns his new role and leads the district toward Phase 3 status (minimum of 20 organized churches, 1,000 full members, and 10 ordained ministries, 100 percent self-supporting regarding district administration).

13. Pray for the parliamentary and presidential elections in East Timor to be held from April to July 2012. Pray for peace and stability during the election season, and that the curch will be salt and light.

14. Pray that the Dili Church in East Timor will be given permission to build on the land it owns.

15. Pray for outreach and discipling opportunities among refugee populations in a creative access area.

16. Pray for the groups that meet weekly for worship, fellowship, and discipling in Singapore.

17. Pray that the existing churches in the Indonesian province of Papua will take advantage of great opportunities to grow and to start new churches.

18. Please pray for God’s continued leading in the exciting expansion of the Church of the Nazarene in Fiji and especially for the three elders who make up the new District Superintendent Team.

19. Pray for God’s ongoing multiplication of churches and revival in Samoa under the leadership of District Superintendent Mona.

20. Pray for the rebuilding and cleanup in Cagayan De Oro City and Iligan City in the Philippines, following the December 2011 Typhoon Sendong. Pray for the medical volunteers, the establishment of safe places for children, and for the plan to have a training center and church at the relocation area (tent city) in Cagayan De Oro.

21. Pray for church planting initiatives in Calbayog and Catarman, two key cities in Samar Province, one of the ten most impoverished provinces in the Philippines.

22. Pray for Micronesia District Nazarenes as they make disciples among the island nations of the Pacific. Pray for workers and the reopening of the church in the Pacific Island nation of Palau.

23. Intercede for the salvation of those people who do not yet know Christ in Southeast Asia. Pray that believers would see church planting opportunities person-to-person, home-to-home, city-to-city.

24. Intercede for open doors into new communities where God is at work preparing the way for new church plants through cell group discipleship ministry.

25. Pray for permanence of fruit, that leaders might equip people to effectively disciple others. Pray for effective pastoral training in creative access areas. Pray that responsibilities will be transferred to the new generation of eager, passionate servant leaders.

26. Our world has just be rocked! Regional Director Rev. Verne Ward, a man with a HUGE heart for God and for people, has been elected as Global Mission Director! Be in prayer for Verne & Natalie and this incredible transition!

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Thank you for taking these to the throne room of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nazarene World Week of Prayer : AFRICA

1.   We thank God for His provision of work visas for missionaries Danilo and Maria Carvalho, enabling them to continue the work in Angola .

2.     We also thank God for continued growth of the church in Africa. Please pray for God to send workers into His vineyard; there is still a great need for trained pastors on the region.

3.     Please continue to pray regarding the famine in the Horn of Africa, that God will provide for those in desperate need of food.

4.     The Africa Region has declared 2012 a year to celebrate holiness. Pray for a time of spiritual renewal across the Africa Region and the celebration of our Wesleyan Holiness heritage.

5.     Please pray for field strategy coordinators as they facilitate holiness evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development across the region.

6.     Continue to pray for the Africa Region’s Bible colleges as they are prepare pastors and lay people for ministry.

7.     Keep those affected and infected by the HIV/AIDS virus in your prayers. Pray for the church as it finds ways to minister to those affected and vulnerable to this epidemic. 

8.   Pray for all missionaries serving on the Africa continent

9.   Lift Regional Director Filimao Chambo in prayer as he leads the Africa Region. Pray also for his wife, Samantha, and their children, Tsakani and Emanuel. 

10.  Pray for Stan Toler, general superintendent in jurisdiction for Africa, and for his wife, Linda.
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Thank you for taking these to the throne room of our Lord, Jesus Christ.