Monday, June 25, 2012

Less than a month away. . .Are YOU ready?

North Central Ohio District Assembly & Campmeeting


—drop off these items in the marked area of the Chapel lobby—Backpacks and school supplies.
—Deodorant, travel sized shampoo & soap; washcloths; and small hand towels and womens reading material for We Care Connection.
—Bubbles, balls and sidewalk chalk for Heaventrain


Bring Crisis Care Kits to the Disaster Response Trailer ($12/box for CCK processing should still be sent to the Global Ministry Center and $2/box to Sunbury Church toward mileage to the national warehouse.)


8 :15am to 8:45 am :  Delegate sign in and voting

8:30am to noon:  Children's Mission service (grades k-4, meet in the band room)
                            Preteen Work and Witness w/ Mandi Downs 
                            (for 5th-6th graders; permission form required; wear old clothes; meet in Band Room)

8:30 am to 10:15:  NMI Business

10:30  am to noon : Mission Rally Service with special friends from a creative access area.

This year will be voting for our representatives for the General NMI assembly scheduled for June 2013.  On Saturday simply sign in, get your ballot,vote and submit.
Questions? Concerns? Simply ask one the many greeters we will have to help you


Please vote for 10!

Judy Bean
Mentor Lighthouse Community
Local & district NMI councils
Children’s director
Children’s Quiz director,  
Board member
Associate Pastor
9 Work and Witness

Deb Boquist
District Childrens Mission Director
Local Childrens Minister

Sheila Burrows
Sunday School Superintendent
Local & District NMI councils
Gateway Resource Center Compassionate Ministries Board
District Camp Board/Food service

Linda Campbell
Local NMI President (4 yrs)
Church Board
District SDMI council

Vicki Champer
Local and District NMI councils
Delegate to prior General Assemblies
Work & Witness Trips
Former Middler Camp Director
Campmeeting Housing Staff

Brian Dye
Local NMI President
District Crisis Care Kit  coordinator 
Bill Glass prison Ministries
Work & Witness
Major Account Executive at Ricoh USA, Inc.

Adele Etherton
North Royalton State Road Community
Local NMI President
Church Board
Local coordinator of Meals to Victory Nazarene

Kathy Greenich
Former quiz coach
Local & District NMI councils
Children church leader
Camp staff
MVNU trustee
MVNU student development chair

Elaine Gray
Sandusky Community
Childrens Director for 22 yrs (retired)
District Children's Director for 11 yrs
District Childrens Mission Director
Local Childrens Ministry & VBS director

Robert Hebets
Mount Vernon Lakeholm
Retired Missionary
Swaziland(9yrs), Lebanon(1yr) , Papua New Guinea(9 yrs)
Former Field Coordinator for Jesus Film Harvest Partners

Kevin Hughes
Mount Vernon First
Praise Team
Sunday School teacher
Local church board
Former quiz coach
Camp Counselor
MVNU Trustee
Work & Witness Trips
Local & District NMI Councils

Dale Kuglin
Mansfield First
Church board member (30 yrs)
Middler teacher (35 yrs)
25 Work & Witness Trips
Church Treasurer
Church Building and Grounds Coordinator

Cynthia Limburg
Local NMI president
Church Board

Pat Martin
District  NMI council
Local NMI President
Church Treasurer
Former Middler teacher
3 Work & Witness trips

John Neilson
Mount Vernon Lakeholm
Local NMI president
MVNU professor

Ron Palenshus
Local NMI president
Church Board

Gail Patch
English professor at Korea Nazarene University (34 yrs)
Cheonon City USA recruitment director
Local & District NMI Council
Sunday school teacher of 1st and 2nd graders
Proud grandmother of 9

Becky Phillips
VBS mascot
We Care connection
Bible Study Leader for CLE women's Shelter
Local & District councils

June Russell
Local NMI Council 
District NMI Delegate
5 Work & witness trips
Traveled to 31 different countries
Sunday School Superintendent, 
Sunday School teacher
Delegate to District Assembly 
Proud grandmother of 6

Sharron Sankovich
District NMI secretary
Work & Witness trips
Heaventrain volunteer/photographer
Local NMI council / Board member 

Mary Shafer
District NMI council
Work & Witness Trips
MVNU Women's Auxilary
1st grade Sunday School teacher
Choir Librarian

Connie Sharrock
Mount Vernon First
Local & District NMI Councils
Local & District Work & Witness Coordinator
Regional Work & Witness Director

Tim Sharrock
Mount Vernon First
Local & District NMI Councils
Local & District Work & Witness Coordinator
Regional Work & Witness Director
District Extension Board
West Africa Regional Field Officer
Gideon's International
Church Board

Amanda Saunders
Local & District NMI Council
Youth Mission Trips Coordinator
Former NYI President (4 yrs)
We Care Connection local coordinator
VBS Director
Leader of Women's bible study and a Sunday School class
Proud mother of 3

Alice Traylor
Mount Vernon Lakeholm
Local & District NMI councils
Multi-cultural Sunday School teacher
Children's ministry leader
Caravan director/leader
Women's ministries director
Children's Bible quiz director
Personal Evangelism

Jill Vickey
Local NMI president
Church Board

Kenna Williams
Mount Gilead Fresh Faith
Women's Ministries
MVNU Women's auxilary
update local church website
District NMI Council
Care Net crisis pregnancy volunteer