Friday, March 2, 2012

Nazarene World Week of Prayer : USA/Canada

1.     Pray that God will send a revival of holy love to each of the 5,002 churches in the United States and Canada.

2.     Thank God for His blessing on the USA/Canada Region in this last year—56,000 people found Christ and more than 20,800 were baptized.

3.     Pray that each of our churches will experience vibrant renewal inside the Body and that renewal will lead to a new passion for reaching the lost and hurting of our communities.

4.     Pray that 150 new Nazarene churches will be started in 2012 in the USA/Canada Region.

5.     Pray that every Church of the Nazarene will be known as a body of loving people, so that people in need will know they can find help among us.

6.     Pray that Nazarenes in the United States and Canada will continue to have a spirit of generosity so missionaries can continue their work around the world.

7.     Pray that visitors will feel welcome in the churches of the USA/Canda Region and that a welcoming spirit will also bring assistance.

8.     Pray for God to call young men and women to ministry; and that with Christ’s help, they will effectively develop into passionate, holiness leaders for the future.

9.     Pray that pastors will continue to preach the message of holiness with clarity and power and that people listening will hunger and thirst for righteousness.

10.  Pray that churches will find new ways of bringing their children, youth, and adults together in worship and service and that new mentoring relationships will develop.

11.  Pray for the 11 Nazarene universities, colleges, and seminary in the USA/Canada Region, as they prepare strong Christian men and women to impact our world for Christ.

12.  Pray for the 79 district superintendents in the USA/Canada Region as they lead and resource their districts.

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